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Bluetooth :: Fedora Core 4 + Sony Ericsson Z520a

Getting Bluetooth Working

Getting Bluetooth working with Fedora Core 4 and my new Sony Ericsson Z520a (purchased along with a 2-year Cingular contract) was remarkably easy. The steps were:

  • Install FC4 and make sure that the following packages have been included (not all are necessary for the phone but they don't hurt, either):
        yum install  gnome-bluetooth openobex-apps bluez-hcidump \
          bluez-utils bluez-pin bluez-libs bluez-utils-cups
  • Follow the directions at this site, which are repeated here for convenience:
    1. Edit the pin_helper line in your /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf file to look like this:
        pin_helper /etc/bluetooth/
    2. Remove the comments from the auth and encrypt lines at the bottom of the file:
        auth enable;
        encrypt enable;
    3. Then create the /etc/bluetooth/ file, with this content:
        echo "PIN:XXXX" (Replace XXXX with any 4 digit number you like)
      along with
        chmod 700 /etc/bluetooth/
    4. Restart Bluetooth services
        service bluetooth restart
  • The next step was to associate the computer (in this case, a ThinkPad T42p with built-in Bluetooth adapter) with the phone. After that, the gnone-panel Bluetooth File Sharing tool was started:
      Applications --> System Tools --> Bluetooth File Sharing
    and it was a breeze to send files from the phone to the computer.
  • The final step was to send files from the computer to the phone. This was accomplished by first determining the phone's bluetooth address with:
      $ hcitool scan
      Scanning ...
            00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx       PHONE_NAME
    and then using the command-line tool:
      obex_push  00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx  ringtone.mp3
    which resulted in a new ringtone on the phone. Nice!
  • Update: On Fedora Core 5, the obex_push above does npot work but the command:
      gnome-obex-send --dest 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Ext_Ways.mp3